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This section is devoted to recognise well known, and the not so well known, people who live, or have lived, in the parish of Creech St Michael.

One of Creech St Michael’s most famous former residents is the painter Harry Frier who certainly deserves recognition in the Creech St Michael website. Harry Frier is buried in the churchyard alongside his wife Kate who grew up in a cottage known as Thornybier, Creech St Michael.

There are, of course, many other well known people who have spent many years in the parish of Creech who have played a part in other people’s lives in one way or another.

It is important to recognise the contribution these people have made to village life and lives of others, which is the aim of this section of the Creech website.

We welcome all contributions recognising people in the village. An article half an A4 page or longer, preferably with a photo, is all it takes. Any other photos or a video to accompany the article are most welcome.

Full recognition and copyright for the article is given to the author.

Should it be required, help will be given in copywriting and refining any material.

Articles should be written in machine readable format, e.g. MS-Word, and emailed to website@creechstmichael.net