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I am doing some research into the names on both war memorials, one in the churchyard and the other at the chapel.  I already have some details of these men from the village.

I am trying to trace all the family connections in the parish.  My aim is to give a very short biography of each name, family history and military service including the circumstances of their death. To include medals and any honours etc.

Some of the families may have lost their ties to the village so if anyone reading this can add or give details of known family members who served and lost their life between 1914 – 1918 it would help to complete our knowledge of these brave men.

Ruishton has a complete Roll of Honour for all the men of their parish.  It would be a fitting tribute if our parish could do the same to commemorate their memory in the 100 years since their service to this country.

I shall also be compiling the same information about the six men from the parish who are named during the second world war 1939 – 1945.

Contact me through the website or directly; 

eric.chown@icloud.com to include the subject 'creech in the great war'